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LOCUS       NM_153821               1377 bp    mRNA    linear   ROD 03-JUL-2021
DEFINITION  Rattus norvegicus paired related homeobox 1 (Prrx1), mRNA.
VERSION     NM_153821.2
SOURCE      Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat)
  ORGANISM  Rattus norvegicus
            Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
            Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha;
            Muroidea; Muridae; Murinae; Rattus.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 1377)
  AUTHORS   Yin L, Liu MX, Wang FY, Wang X, Tang YH, Zhao QY, Wang T, Chen YT
            and Huang CX.
  TITLE     Transcription Factor prrx1 Promotes Brown Adipose-Derived Stem
            Cells Differentiation to Sinus Node-Like Cells
  JOURNAL   DNA Cell Biol 38 (11), 1313-1322 (2019)
   PUBMED   31545082
  REMARK    GeneRIF: Overexpression of prrx1 can successfully induce sinus
            node-like cells.
REFERENCE   2  (bases 1 to 1377)
  AUTHORS   Gong J, Han J, He J, Liu J, Han P, Wang Y, Li M, Li D, Ding X, Du
            Z, Liao J and Tian D.
  TITLE     Paired related homeobox protein 1 regulates PDGF-induced chemotaxis
            of hepatic stellate cells in liver fibrosis
  JOURNAL   Lab Invest 97 (9), 1020-1032 (2017)
   PUBMED   28737764
  REMARK    GeneRIF: Studied and identified Prrx1 as a novel valuable target in
            liver fibrosis. Prxx1 was found to have a major role in
            PDGF-induced migration and chemotaxis.
REFERENCE   3  (bases 1 to 1377)
  AUTHORS   Takahashi T, Zimmer J, Friedmacher F and Puri P.
  TITLE     Expression of Prx1 and Tcf4 is decreased in the diaphragmatic
            muscle connective tissue of nitrofen-induced congenital
            diaphragmatic hernia
  JOURNAL   J Pediatr Surg 51 (12), 1931-1935 (2016)
   PUBMED   27665494
  REMARK    GeneRIF: expression of Prx1 and Tcf4 is decreased in the developing
            diaphragm in the nitrofen-induced congenital diaphragmatic hernia
            in Sprague- Dawley rats animal model.
REFERENCE   4  (bases 1 to 1377)
  AUTHORS   Liu N, Xue L, Guan Y, Li QZ, Cao FY, Pang SL and Guan WJ.
  TITLE     Expression of Peroxiredoxins and Pulmonary Surfactant Protein A
            Induced by Silica in Rat Lung Tissue
  JOURNAL   Biomed Environ Sci 29 (8), 584-588 (2016)
   PUBMED   27660222
  REMARK    GeneRIF: Prdx1 and Prdx6 proteins is involved in pulmonary fibrosis
            induced by silica.
REFERENCE   5  (bases 1 to 1377)
  AUTHORS   Higuchi M, Kato T, Yoshida S, Ueharu H, Nishimura N and Kato Y.
  TITLE     PRRX1- and PRRX2-positive mesenchymal stem/progenitor cells are
            involved in vasculogenesis during rat embryonic pituitary
  JOURNAL   Cell Tissue Res 361 (2), 557-565 (2015)
   PUBMED   25795141
  REMARK    GeneRIF: PRRX1- and PRRX2-positive mesenchymal stem/progenitor
            cells are present at the periphery of the embryonic pituitary and
            participate in pituitary vasculogenesis by differentiation into
            vascular endothelial cells and pericytes.
REFERENCE   6  (bases 1 to 1377)
  AUTHORS   Lu MF, Cheng HT, Kern MJ, Potter SS, Tran B, Diekwisch TG and
            Martin JF.
  TITLE     prx-1 functions cooperatively with another paired-related homeobox
            gene, prx-2, to maintain cell fates within the craniofacial
  JOURNAL   Development 126 (3), 495-504 (1999)
   PUBMED   9876178
REFERENCE   7  (bases 1 to 1377)
  AUTHORS   Lu MF, Cheng HT, Lacy AR, Kern MJ, Argao EA, Potter SS, Olson EN
            and Martin JF.
  TITLE     Paired-related homeobox genes cooperate in handplate and hindlimb
            zeugopod morphogenesis
  JOURNAL   Dev Biol 205 (1), 145-157 (1999)
   PUBMED   9882503
REFERENCE   8  (bases 1 to 1377)
  AUTHORS   ten Berge D, Brouwer A, Korving J, Martin JF and Meijlink F.
  TITLE     Prx1 and Prx2 in skeletogenesis: roles in the craniofacial region,
            inner ear and limbs
  JOURNAL   Development 125 (19), 3831-3842 (1998)
   PUBMED   9729491
REFERENCE   9  (bases 1 to 1377)
  AUTHORS   Hu Y, Flanagan J, Brennan DP, Zhou H, Ng KW, Eisman JA and Morrison
  TITLE     rHox: a homeobox gene expressed in osteoblastic cells
  JOURNAL   J Cell Biochem 59 (4), 486-497 (1995)
   PUBMED   8749718
REFERENCE   10 (bases 1 to 1377)
  AUTHORS   Martin JF, Bradley A and Olson EN.
  TITLE     The paired-like homeo box gene MHox is required for early events of
            skeletogenesis in multiple lineages
  JOURNAL   Genes Dev 9 (10), 1237-1249 (1995)
   PUBMED   7758948
COMMENT     PROVISIONAL REFSEQ: This record has not yet been subject to final
            NCBI review. The reference sequence was derived from
            On Nov 27, 2020 this sequence version replaced NM_153821.1.
            Summary: binds the collagen I alpha 1 and the osteocalcin
            promoters; acts as a negative regulator of transcription [RGD, Feb
            Publication Note:  This RefSeq record includes a subset of the
            publications that are available for this gene. Please see the Gene
            record to access additional publications.
            Transcript exon combination :: SRR8487230.59492.1,
                                           SRR8487231.46550.1 [ECO:0000332]
            RNAseq introns              :: mixed/partial sample support
                                           SAMEA5756307, SAMEA5760383
            1-570               JACYVU010000244.1  6390956-6391525     c
            571-746             JACYVU010000244.1  6339438-6339613     c
            747-928             JACYVU010000244.1  6333921-6334102     c
            929-1377            JACYVU010000244.1  6324227-6324675     c
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..1377
                     /organism="Rattus norvegicus"
     gene            1..1377
                     /gene_synonym="Pmx1; Prx-1"
                     /note="paired related homeobox 1"
     exon            1..570
                     /gene_synonym="Pmx1; Prx-1"
     misc_feature    144..146
                     /gene_synonym="Pmx1; Prx-1"
                     /note="upstream in-frame stop codon"
     CDS             330..1067
                     /gene_synonym="Pmx1; Prx-1"
                     /note="rHox; paired-related homeobox protein 1; paired
                     mesoderm homeobox 1"
                     /product="paired mesoderm homeobox protein 1"
     misc_feature    330..401
                     /gene_synonym="Pmx1; Prx-1"
                     /note="propagated from UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot (P63014.1);
                     Region: Disordered. /evidence=ECO:0000256|SAM:MobiDB-lite"
     misc_feature    390..392
                     /gene_synonym="Pmx1; Prx-1"
                     /evidence=ECO:0007744|PubMed:22673903; propagated from
                     UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot (P63014.1); phosphorylation site"
     misc_feature    489..638
                     /gene_synonym="Pmx1; Prx-1"
                     /note="propagated from UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot (P63014.1);
                     Region: Disordered. /evidence=ECO:0000256|SAM:MobiDB-lite"
     misc_feature    624..782
                     /gene_synonym="Pmx1; Prx-1"
                     /note="Homeobox domain; Region: Homeobox; pfam00046"
     misc_feature    order(627..629,747..749,756..761,768..770)
                     /gene_synonym="Pmx1; Prx-1"
                     /note="specific DNA base contacts [nucleotide binding];
                     other site"
     misc_feature    807..809
                     /gene_synonym="Pmx1; Prx-1"
                     /evidence=ECO:0000250|UniProtKB:P63013; propagated from
                     UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot (P63014.1); acetylation site"
     misc_feature    918..920
                     /gene_synonym="Pmx1; Prx-1"
                     /note="Phosphoserine. /evidence=ECO:0000255; propagated
                     from UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot (P63014.1); phosphorylation
     misc_feature    984..1034
                     /gene_synonym="Pmx1; Prx-1"
                     /note="OAR domain; Region: OAR; pfam03826"
     misc_feature    993..1034
                     /gene_synonym="Pmx1; Prx-1"
                     /note="propagated from UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot (P63014.1);
                     Region: OAR.
     exon            571..746
                     /gene_synonym="Pmx1; Prx-1"
     exon            747..928
                     /gene_synonym="Pmx1; Prx-1"
     exon            929..1377
                     /gene_synonym="Pmx1; Prx-1"

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